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3 Ways to Help Us Love Like Jesus

You know how CEOs and Boards of Directors make vision statements for their corporations or businesses? They do so to maximize effectiveness and create higher profitability within their company. What if we, as believers, followed that lead and made vision statements for our walk with Christ to help us love like Jesus, specifically how we interact with others? How much more focused and intentional would our words and interactions be with the ones we love and the strangers we meet during out day? These are three quick ideas I thought of that I can implement each day to help me love like Jesus. Would you like to borrow these, or can you come up with your own?


1) Actively seek the Spirit’s leading to focus on growing to be more Christ-like. (Be true disciples of Jesus – John 13:35)

2) Intentionally focus on expressing the love (agape) the Spirit has already brought to our heart.

3) Engage with a community dedicated to intentional spiritual formation, where the Spirit leads you to desire and act in alignment with His leading. (What’s the Spirit up to in our lives?)


I’m pretty sure that implementing these in my daily life will help attract unbelievers to us and will challenge my own desire and ability to love like Jesus.

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