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Posts by Becca Holt

What Joey Feek taught me about loving others

Few people are able to make such a sizable impact and touch lives in both the secular world as well as the faith-based community, but one woman was successful in doing just that, the late country music singer and song writer, Joey Feek. Prior to the past few weeks, when her touching story became headline…

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How I love my kids in the dog days of parenting

I’ve been a parent for just shy of ten years now. That’s not a very long time in the scope of life, but in the midst of the daily grind, it can feel like forever. When most of my day consists of catching the sippy cup before its contents paint the kitchen floor, playing referee,…

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Dear magic of Christmas, I miss Christ

Of all the times of the year, Christmas seems to be one when I’m most tempted to convince myself and others that I can stuff more into my days than reality allows. I cram the calendar full of activities and celebrations because there are so many meaningful opportunities. After all, it seems that when you…

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In the waiting: our adoption story

As the temperatures cool, a time when I pull out my boots and sweaters, and my kids plan their Halloween costumes, I’m reminded of our adoption story: a season when the Lord brought our son home. He’s five years old now, but he was in our hearts long before he grew in another woman’s belly.…

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