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Posts by Les and Leslie Parrott

Five Ways to Beat the Silent Treatment

Les walked through the front door of our home this week, set a copy of the Wall Street Journal on the kitchen counter and said, “Let’s never give each other the cold shoulder again.” “Again?” I asked. “When do we ever do that?” Les held up a section of the paper he’d just read about…

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The Six Proven Happiness Boosters

We have combed through all the scientific studies we could find on happiness to lift out the best of what we know works to make and maintain happiness in marriage. And we’ve settled on a half dozen happiness boosters that are sure to move the needle in your relationship. These are the six dials we…

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Making Happy Together (part 2)

Easy as Pie? Ever heard of a happiness set point? It has to do with our genes. Researchers have found that 50 percent of our happiness is determined by our biology. Turns out that some brains are happier than others. We sometimes call it temperament. And we’re more or less stuck with it. If our…

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Making Happy Together (part 1)

It was a beautiful day in Chicago.  On June 30, 1984 our closest friends flanked the concrete steps of our church and tossed rice in the air as we made our way to the waiting car adorned with nothing less than the obligatory “Just Married” sign hanging off the back.  We could not have been…

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