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Posts by Steve & Barbara Uhlmann

3 Ways to Help Us Love Like Jesus

You know how CEOs and Boards of Directors make vision statements for their corporations or businesses? They do so to maximize effectiveness and create higher profitability within their company. What if we, as believers, followed that lead and made vision statements for our walk with Christ to help us love like Jesus, specifically how we interact…

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The pattern of love: being, not doing

It was a long journey once I realized how little I understood the idea of love. I discovered patterns and habits that were controlling my behavior, and I simply did not make the choice to love. Creating new patterns was a conscious decision to be made every day.

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The abundant life

I felt that the abundant life could be summarized by financial success. I achieved all of the success that I could have hoped for in my business and personal pursuits. But my big plan, which was going so well, left me unprepared for the challenge of leading my family through difficulty. I realized that I…

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The importance of introspection

I am absolutely, over-the-top amazed at the joy in my life now. I’ve talked about the importance of introspection and loving: Jesus commanded us to love one another in John 13:35, but that took me on to 1 Corinthians 13:4. “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love…

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