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My Way

Oftentimes, we tell ourselves lies. More often than not, I believe it is our sin nature that convinces us of what we think should be the truth rather than reality, but somehow the made-up truth makes us feel better. One of the more frequent lies I hear is “I can’t be happy unless everything goes…

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Is our theology too complicated?

The complexity of our theology and the simplicity of the gospel. I was reminded of something profound this evening. Sometimes I think we make our theology so much more complicated than it needs to be. We seek depth and meat in our understanding of the Bible rather than continuing to drink the milk or simple…

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The Greatest Commandment

“On these two commandments depend the whole Law and the Prophets.” This remarkable statement, near the end of one of the friendlier confrontations between Jesus and representatives of the dominant Pharisee party, emphasized the primal importance of two commandments out of the profusion of 613 mitzvot espoused by the Rabbis. Every other law hangs from…

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Kindness matters more

I can be oblivious sometimes. If we’re honest, it’s likely something we all are guilty of from time to time. Life is busy and we become laser focused checking off the task at hand and moving on to the next thing on the list. Often times, in the midst of our focus, we become totally…

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If You Love Me – Love One Another

When we use the phrase “Love Like Jesus,” we assume some specific characteristics about the way Jesus loved that are worth emulating. One that has impacted me tremendously shows up in the last chapter of John’s gospel. It’s a passage most believers are familiar with, yet most have also missed an essential point in the…

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