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Getting love out of the rough

Do you golf? Honestly, I goof more than I golf but since golf courses as a group are quite possibly the most beautiful places on earth, what’s not to love? From the time he was little, our son Chris took golf lessons every summer. For fun, he and I loved to team up against my husband Jim. I know, I know, they say you’re only supposed to compete against yourself on the golf course—well, forget that! These are the Osborn’s we’re talking about, and there are males involved.

So in our “best ball” competition both Chris and I hit the first ball off the tee but we picked up the worst shot (mine) and then both hit our next shot from the best shot (Chris), we then picked up the worst shot again (mine) and hit again from the best shot (Chris). So Jim was always competing against our team’s best shot (Chris’). As you can see, my role in this game was to cheer on my teammate.

One of my many points of frustration about the game of golf is that when you do finally manage to hit that little white ball off the tee, if the trajectory is off by just-a-tiny-little-bit, once the ball reaches the end of its wayward flight… you’re either in the rough (and in Arizona the “rough” means desert and cactus) or you’re yelling “FORE!” at the poor soul in front of you who is hitting the deck before your ball plants itself in his skull.

I’ve noticed love works this way too. It’s the little things that over time either land you in the rough or keep you on course. Something is only slightly off the correct trajectory but when played out over time… you’re in trouble. The good news is, the correction can also be small.

As tempting as it is to keep moving the ball down the course when you’re in the rough, your best play is a short horizontal shot back onto the fairway. Yes, it will cost you a stroke and perhaps a little pride but it will also save your game. The pro’s call it good course management.

If you and your sweetheart are in the rough stuff right now, a simple apology can do wonders to get you back on track. Sometime I apologize for my part in causing the problem and sometimes I have to apologize for my poor reaction to Jim’s offence.

If your lover offended you but cannot see his or her way clear to apologize, why not simply extend the same grace God has given you and return to your love. Love covers a multitude of sins.

Put the ball back into play in your relationship. I dare you to do something simple to keep your love moving forward.

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