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Is our theology too complicated?

The complexity of our theology and the simplicity of the gospel.

I was reminded of something profound this evening. Sometimes I think we make our theology so much more complicated than it needs to be. We seek depth and meat in our understanding of the Bible rather than continuing to drink the milk or simple things of the scripture. We take on difficult Bible studies or passages and learn them. We learn the ins and outs of every doctrine we can. We memorize scripture. We go on missions trips. Tithe to our church. We debate deep theological principles with others. You get the idea.

I agree that these things are important in our growth and maturity as believers. Unfortunately, I feel like we are putting so much of our energy into defining and explaining all the things about God, that we miss our very relationship with Him.

The Gospel in it’s simplest form is this: We are sinners. God wants a relationship with us, but He is a just and holy God. Our sin severs our ability to be in community with God. We do not have the ability or capacity to atone for our sins. The penalty for our sins is death. Forever separation from God. Jesus came to stand in our place. To take our shame. To take our guilt. To take our punishment. In God’s grace, Jesus became the sacrifice required to heal the broken relationship we had with God. We have the choice to accept this truth, place our faith in Jesus and be made clean and restored before God. New life. Real hope. Forever changed. That is the simple and basic truth of it all.

Jesus Loves Me

Our church had a special worship tonight. A time of celebration and reflection as we go into Easter Sunday. It was pretty special. It was the first time all my children experienced communion together. In that moment when I was sharing with my kids what it all meant, it hit me. All of the theological knowledge I had acquired over the years was condensed down to a simple reality. Jesus loves me , He saved me and everything in my life should remind me of that. Standing there together holding my kids hands explaining what the bread and juice represented was beautiful and tragic and wonderful and powerful. It was also very simple.

That was the reminder. The gospel is simple. It was written so that even a child could understand it.

Easter represents the moment where God’s justice, wrath, mercy, grace and love all collided and we were given a gift that could change us forever.

Don’t overcomplicate it. Believe it. Share it. Live it.

John 3:16, Romans 3:23, 5:28, Ephesians 2:8-9

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