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The Six Proven Happiness Boosters

We have combed through all the scientific studies we could find on happiness to lift out the best of what we know works to make and maintain happiness in marriage. And we’ve settled on a half dozen happiness boosters that are sure to move the needle in your relationship.

These are the six dials we know couples can turn to get the best effects:


Count your blessings

        —nothing can increase happiness more quickly in a relationship than shared gratitude

Try new things

        —it’s easy to fall into a routine or even a rut, but that is a killer to happiness, so you’ve got to shake it up

Dream a dream

        —the moment a couple quits looking to the future together is the moment they become vulnerable to dissatisfaction

Celebrate each other

        —we all applaud the big things, but it’s the little and unexpected celebrations that can make or break a couple’s happiness

Attune your spirits

        —the soul of every marriage hungers for deeper connection and meaning together, and when it’s found, happiness abounds

Add value to others

      —when a couple does good beyond the boundaries of their marriage, goodness envelopes their relationship like never before

These are the six boosters at the heart of our book, Making Happy, and we give you dozens of practical ways to bring each of them more fully into your relationship.

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