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Discover 5 ways to positively transform every relationship you have - modeled on how Jesus loved others. Guide your small group through the Love Like That study with the book, workbook, video series, and free online self-inventory.

It’s fresh, fun, and incredibly practical.

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A great study for your small group

"The Love Like That series has been a game-changer for us. We've finally seen significant increase in our weekly small groups (30% more people). With my own eyes I have watched folks engage with each other and be challenged to love more like Jesus. I’m excited to see the ongoing life change that will come from this series. I would highly encourage churches to leverage this series. I’m so glad we did.”  

Randy Williams, Senior Pastor, Arizona Hills Church

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This is an exclusive limited time offer for Christianity Today Subscribers. Act now to save big on this series.

"We all would benefit significantly from loving more like Jesus, and in his new book, Love Like That: 5 Relationship Secrets from Jesus, Dr. Les Parrott does an excellent job of teaching us how. I found his book both insightful and convicting, especially in our current culture. If we were all to treat others as he describes—more mindfully, approachably, graciously, boldly, and empathetically—not only would we see a transformation in our own lives and relationships, but I’m convinced we would also witness spiritual awakening in our communities. We need to get back to relating to others and communicating the message of the gospel with such awesome, biblical, Christ-empowered love."  


Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church Atlanta
Founder and President of In Touch Ministries