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In this inspiring, utterly practical new book, #1 New York Times bestselling author Dr. Les Parrott writes a viable prescription for becoming more loving with family, friends, coworkers, and even strangers. In his trademark approachable style, Dr. Parrott takes the latest findings from psychology and sociology and blends them with biblical teaching to reveal five transformative ways of relating to people demonstrated by Jesus himself: being mindful, approachable, grace-filled, bold, and self-giving.

"We all would benefit significantly from loving more like Jesus, and in his new book, Love Like That: 5 Relationship Secrets from Jesus, Dr. Les Parrott does an excellent job of teaching us how. I found his book both insightful and convicting, especially in our current culture. If we were all to treat others as he describes—more mindfully, approachably, graciously, boldly, and empathetically—not only would we see a transformation in our own lives and relationships, but I’m convinced we would also witness spiritual awakening in our communities. We need to get back to relating to others and communicating the message of the gospel with such awesome, biblical, Christ-empowered love."  


Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church Atlanta
Founder and President of In Touch Ministries

What others are saying


"From the first vulnerable sentence, this heart-felt message from Dr. Parrott will compel you to not only be a better person, it will show you exactly how you can do just that. Incredible!"

- Dave Ramsey
#1 Bestselling Author & Radio Host


"Refreshingly honest and incredibly practical. This book is for everyone who wants to love like Jesus but never thought they really could. I’ve personally benefited from this helpful book and you will, too."

- Lysa TerKeurst
President of Proverbs 31 and Bestselling Author of Uninvited



"Les Parrott dares to write about the most challenging love of all - the love Jesus lived. Read this book and see how this seemingly impossible feat becomes more and more obtainable."

- Josh D. McDowell
Author and Speaker


"I love this book. Every chapter is like a stepping stone that will bring you closer to loving like Jesus. Don’t miss out on Dr. Parrott’s message in Love Like That. It will truly transform your relationships."

- Christine Caine
Founder of A21 and Propel Women



"This incredible book gives you a practical plan - a truly doable way - for transforming your interactions with others. Your relationships will never be the same."

- Bob Goff
Bestselling Author of Love Does


"In his new book, Love Like That, Dr. Parrott pulls back the curtain and shows us that loving like Jesus is not only possible, it’s more doable than you might imagine. You’ll get some challenging, real-life application that will truly make a difference in the way you interact with the people around you."

- Craig Groeschel
Pastor of Life.Church and Author of Divine Direction



"Les Parrott has made what seems nearly impossible to so many of us - loving like Jesus - more doable than ever. This book not only shows you what to do, it gives you the know-how to actually do it."

- Jefferson Bethke
Bestselling Author of Jesus>Religion


"Les Parrott has provided every Christ-follower with an amazing gift - a practical roadmap for walking in the footsteps of Jesus. This book will revolutionize your relationships."

- Mark Batterson
NYT Bestselling Author of The Circle Maker; Lead Pastor of National Community Church



"This is a beautiful, thoughtful, hopeful book - that we can love like Jesus. Loving boldly, loving wisely is not only our deepest desire, it's within our reach! I want to now more than ever!"

- John Eldredge
Bestselling Author of Wild at Heart


"Grounded in research and biblical understanding, Love Like That reveals the Jesus-model of loving relationships in clear and practical terms. If you’re like me, you will be so glad you read this book."

- Judah Smith
Bestselling Author of Jesus Is _____



"Dr. Parrott uncovers misconceptions to reveal that loving like Jesus is more possible and more doable than you may have ever imagined. This book will positively change the way you interact with everyone."

- Dr. David Jeremiah
Founder and President, Turning Point; Senior Pastor at Shadow Mountain Community Church


"With an incredible blend of contemporary social science and a deep understanding of scripture, Les Parrott's writing will help you see beyond what you may be tempted to settle for. And he'll show you the way, step-by-step, to realizing the kinds of relationships we all long for."

- Lee Strobel
New York Times Bestselling Author 

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