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Meet the Author

As a pastor and theologian, I experienced a journey from idolizing John as the “Son of Thunder” to realizing that John ultimately found that love was central to all of God’s instruction. This has motivated me to share this journey with you, in the hopes that you will learn from this powerful teaching.

Being A Little Less Quirky When Reading Scripture

We read and understand the Bible through our own bias. Truly reading the Bible for what it says is not about having no quirks in your thinking, but rather about identifying them so that you can listen only to the instruction of God.

Know yourself Well Enough

The Bible holds the greatest of wisdom, but only if you have the wisdom to listen. Letting go of your own definition of wisdom and hearing the teaching of the Word will lead you to God’s blessing.

What Spills Out When You’re Bumped?

Our actions always begin with our thoughts. Our behavior under pressure is always a reflection of what is in our minds and hearts, and ultimately reveals us as we are.

When It’s Not All About ME

John got his nickname, “son of Thunder,” from Jesus, and not for the best of reasons. By the end of his life, John would completely change his understanding of how he related to others.

God Tells Us How He Wants To Love Him

A focus on self never gives us a better sense of anything. Focusing on others and their needs is always more rewarding. It’s not just better for them, it’s better for us.

Can the Will of God Be Seen by Everyone Who Views You?

God gives us a great gift by allowing us to express love to one another, rather than strictly to Himself. We would surely get loving God wrong, but we at least have a chance to love one another well. Set your mind to this greatest work to fulfill God’s command.

The Love Test

God tells us a great deal about Himself in terms of mercy, kindness, grace, and love. But as bearers of his image, the only hope that we have of showing this image is in the way that we love those that He gives us.

What Does Your Spouse Need?

How do spouses show love to one another? It’s not always what you would think. Husbands and wives need different things from one another, but they are perfectly equipped to provide what is needed most.

The Flesh Is Our Addiction To Self

How we love is most easily seen in how we see ourselves compared to others. Are we prepared to let them speak into our lives, to show us love in ways that we don’t like? Submission is difficult.

Now That’s Parenting

We are all born with a broken image of God and self, and that includes our children. Any good parenting method begins with an understanding of who children are so that they can be shown real love.

Maybe This Is How We are Filled By The Spirit Of God

Just like religion, love can mean many different things depending on who is using it and what they are trying to accomplish. Our understanding of love will change everything when it is not from self, but from God.

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