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What is Love Like Jesus?

Lovelikejesus.com is a community of Christian leaders providing tools, resources and fellowship to equip the family and culture to authentically love like Jesus.

How did all this get started?
It’s an idea that came from a great deal of study and experience in human behavior patterns. Loving one another is the primary command that Jesus gave to identify His followers, and if we as a community can put in place the basic habit of treating our families, associates, and neighbors with the Love of Jesus, then a community of love will flow out of that. If that sounds too vague, let me first explain the vision, the problem, and how we hope to approach it:

The Vision: A Community Of Believers Who:

  • Actively seek the Spirit’s leading daily, focused on growing to be more Christ-like.
  • Daily, intentionally seek to express the Love (agape) the Spirit has already brought to our hearts.
  • Enter into a community experience dedicated to spiritual formation, where the Spirit leads us to act in alignment with His leading, and encourage one another in this pursuit.

The Problem: we are all on autopilot

For 95-99% of our day, we operate from the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind has no language, no higher thinking. It responds to the environment, automatically reacting to circumstances through learned, habitual patterns. This all occurs without conscious thought. Our conscious mind only exercises control over the remaining 1-5% of our daily decisions and interactions. Knowledge, a function of conscious thought, is effectively influencing 5% or less of our response to situations.

The mind of the modern individual is chronically on overload, and the conscious mind quickly reverts to the subconscious where decisions are quick, made by learned habits and old patterns. If we want to change the way that we respond, then knowledge cannot possibly be the key – this would require changing the entire way that our minds process information. For any growth to take place, we must change our habitual patterns, which is not a small task. The call to Love Like Jesus must become the subconscious rule, not the conscious exception – a total shift in our efforts to grow spiritually.

The Hope: A Community Of Intentional Spiritual Formation

The community of Love Like Jesus will live out John 13:34 and Hebrews 10:24. We will tell our stories, and spur one into the daily habit of understanding the Love that God shows us, so that we may show it to others. Our community will be defined by:

  • Acceptance and affirmation, not direction and criticism
  • Offered presence, not communicated pressure
  • Dependence on the Spirit, not casual/careless engagement
  • Repentance from self-dependence
  • Abandonment to God-dependence
  • Confidence in God’s purpose and presence

Will you join us in a community of intentional spiritual formation as we seek to change our habits, our reactions, and our treatment of those around us? As we learn to Love Like Jesus?

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